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     DaKsha was founded in 2000 by George Constantinescu and Alexandru Nuca (guitarist)      DaKsha (literally the country of gods) takes its name from Nicolae Miulescu's 1978 book about life and spiritual legends of Romania’s ancestors.
     DaKsha's first single "On the Wings of the Phoenix" was included on the Sonic Images/Earthtone compilation "Noua Romanie: Rebirth of a Nation" which reached the New Age Voice Top 100 Airwaves Chart in the Spring of 2001.
      At the end of 2000 Catalin Truta was already a member of DaKsha. George and Catalin met for the first time in 1998 during a soundtrack project for a short-length movie. This was the starting point of a challenging adventure in music and friendship. In 2002 they composed the music for another short-length movie "Mâinile Tale" (Your Hands) which was presented at the International Film Festival DaKino (Romania) and “Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid” (Spain).


     Began piano studies at the age of 8. He became more and more involved in studio work, recording and producing soundtracks for over 50 theater stage plays and different live shows.
     During the last 20 years George composed original works for movies, TV & Radio commercials and multimedia CDs. Occasionally he was co-host at Marius Christian Burcea's "Journeys to the Infinite", the most popular New Age/Ambient Music radio show from Romania. His professional activity includes sound engineering and editing for TV programs, TV live shows and movies.


Catalin Truta     In 2000 he graduated in composition from the Music Conservatory of Cluj. Catalin played folklore, rock and classical music in various local bands and ensembles. Never being satisfied to just play without expanding, his interest furthered to include electronic instruments.
     During the Conservatory studies, his teachers discommend the new orientation of the talented young artist, because electronic music was considered "easy music". He composed original soundtracks for short and full-length movies, TV and Radio programs. Since 2003 he developed his sound engineering skill and mastered a lot of projects and bands. In 2005, after studying the old romanian music, he began a solo project named "OMU". His debut album as OMU is called " The Voice Of The Ancestors". (Glasul Stramosilor)
Collaborating with Edward Maya, OMU released in 2011 an EP with 3 remixes, as a free Christmas Gift, of the International Hits "Stereo Love", "This is my Life" and "Desert Rain".   (see below)

OMU & Edward Maya - Alunelu by Edward Maya-Mayavin Show

OMU & Edward Maya - The Other Life by Edward Maya-Mayavin Show

OMU & Edward Maya - Vision of Maya by Edward Maya-Mayavin Show